Have you ever been to a conference for which you’ve had to plan a costume?  😀

I’m going to a museum conference next week, and one night there’s going to be a party, and the theme is reality TV, and people are encouraged to dress up.  Of course, my first thought is that I can dress up like a Kardashian!  (Is it really weird that I’m thinking of dressing up like a person who actually exists, who isn’t like a fictional character?  I’m going to have to not think about this too hard, because it’s really kind of creepy…)  But I also really don’t own anything at all Kardashian-like.

Looks like I might be in the market for a cheap pair of leggings (because there’s no way in hell I’d ever wear the things for anything other than a costume…I’ll give skinny jeans a try, but I draw the line at leggings  :-P)


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