Well Then…

So, I’m currently stuck in the middle of a battle between my landlord (who owns the condo I’m living in) and the condo board.  Apparently when I moved in, he didn’t follow all the requirements that unit owners are supposed to go through before renting out their units.  Now the electronic key fob that I have doesn’t work to get in to the parking garage (luckily, it still lets me in to the condo building itself), and the management is refusing to reprogram it.  The condo board was supposedly going to make its final decision on this whole thing last night at their meeting, but so far my landlord says he hasn’t heard anything from them.


If they do decide to give in and stop punishing ME for things my landlord did wrong and I get my key fob fixed, I’ll stick it out until the end of my lease in July (provided nothing else like this happens between now and then).  But if they continue to refuse to fix it, then I’m going to have to move (hi, I have to have somewhere to park my car!), which is a gigantic pain in the ass.  I’d really like to move to Alexandria because that’s where most of my friends are, but I’d have to get a roommate to afford to live near a metro station, and that would mean a longer drive for my poor beat up car out to the Wee Historic Beastie.  So I’ll probably have to end up staying in the Vienna/Fairfax area.  Blah.

In other news, I’m pretty sure the Lincoln mug from Urban Outfitters that I posted about recently is stalking me.  Just today, I noticed it in a friend of mine’s profile picture on Facebook!  I think this is a sign that I freaking need that mug!  😛


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