-Still no news on whether or not I’ll soon be having a Fairfax address (as opposed to my current Vienna one)…I’m getting royally annoyed at the condo board and the management office–I’ve even managed to find an apartment really close to my current place that’s almost exactly what I’m paying now, but I’m afraid by the time I finally hear one way or the other, it will have been rented!  Grrrrr.

-I totally got sucked into watching the Olympics men’s semifinal curling match between Canada and Sweden.  Oh man curling, how I love you.  (I may have done a bit of curling in college–I totally rocked the weird ice sports, including curling and broomball!  :-P)

-I am apparently on a rug kick right now:

Rug from Overstock–It’s small, but I think it would look totally awesome in my kitchen!


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