Not of Much Interest to Anyone Outside of the Museum Field

Sorry for the radio silence recently.  I’ve been attempting to hold myself to a “if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all” policy with regards to my job at the Wee Historic Beastie, but I’m getting extremely close to a breaking point.

I had a rather long rant prepared for this entry, but decided that instead, I’m just going to post a link to one of my greatest discoveries of the past few months:  Museos Unite

I will also note that I have been applying for new jobs for almost 6 months now (yes, I have been at the Wee Historic Beastie for about 10 months), and have gotten a grand total of TWO interviews.  Both for retail jobs that do not pay enough to live on.  I have a terminal degree in my field (an MA in museum studies) from a well-respected program.  I have little full-time experience (not for lack of TRYING to get full-time work!), but years of part-time experience in almost every aspect of museum work known to man.  I have applied for every lower-level museum job I have seen in the DC area (and some outside of it), and have gotten a total of ZERO interviews in my field.

Oh yes, tell me about how bad the economy is.  I GET IT.  I also keep seeing people in other fields find jobs these days with only a little more difficulty than they would have had a few years ago.  Tell me that there have never been many jobs in the museum and history-related nonprofit fields.  I UNDERSTAND.  But when I don’t even so much as get an interview for a job that I am perfectly qualified for (such as a job doing exhibits for a small but fairly well-known historic site that is focused on a topic that I know like the back of my freaking hand, and a topic that I have done exhibit work on for a major national institution), I get a little angry.  Tell me that my job in charge of a historic site will look great on my resume.  For that one, I will have to say BS.  Because it has done nothing to help my job search so far.

And I am still (four years out of college) making less than the average for alumni of my undergraduate institution in their first job out of college. WTF?

Yes, I am seriously reconsidering my career field.

(And yes, that was the severely shortened version of the rant)


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