More Naval-Gazing

An interesting article about the “Quarterlife Crisis”

I have a few gripes with the article, but overall it’s definitely interesting and thought-provoking.  I know that my “if I can’t find another job, I’ll just go back to grad school” plan is totally this delaying of growing up, but at the same time, what about those of us who don’t plan on “growing up” in the traditional sense?  I have no intention of having children, and I’m skeptical that I’ll ever want to get married–so what about people like me?  How are we suppoed to just “grow up”?

But maybe like many of my generation, my expectations are just unreasonable.  I mean, I did turn down a job working retail at a bead store because it paid less than my current job and “wasn’t in my field.”  I could get by on far less income if I were to give up things like a dishwasher and having my own washer and dryer.  Is it reasonable to expect to have such luxuries at the age of 25, especially given the current economy?

I think my generation is caught in an extremely difficult position.  Older people can just yell at us to “grow up”, but in many ways they have helped create our unreasonable expectations and skewed view of our own lives and our place in the world.  We grew up in a time of economic growth, when no one (not even our parents and those who are now telling us to grow up and get real) really seemed to consider the fact that what goes up must come down.  Now, after having set our goals and life plans according to one set of rules, the rules have been changed on us–the rug has been pulled out from under us, and we are expected to make our way in a world for which our earlier lives did not prepared us.  Sure, we can’t just sit back and blame our parents and the powers that be–we do have to suck it up and get by.  But figuring out how is going to be a challenge.



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