So, I know I’ve mentioned a coffee shop in the tiny town in which I grew up as being pretty much my idea of the perfect independent coffee shop:  in an old building, full of mismatched and well-worn but comfortable furniture, with art by local students hanging on the walls, etc.

Well, I just found out from my parents that the coffee shop has moved to a different building!!!  It’s now in an ugly newer building, not the awesome old stone building on Main Street that it used to be in!

Now, I haven’t been inside yet (I’m meeting up with a friend from high school there tomorrow, so I’ll get the “inside” scoop then), so I have to reserve final condemnation, but SERIOUSLY?  Dude, no.

(The space in the old building where the coffee shop used to be?  Now one of the many empty store spaces on Main Street.  Wicked depressing.)

In less woe-ful news, I am thinking seriously about getting another master’s degree again.  UMD has a program where you can do a joint program and get masters degrees in both historic preservation and community planning.  I am thinking that if I’m still working at the Wee Historic Beastie come the fall, I’m going to give applying for this program a try.  But I’ll still be applying for new jobs until then.

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