This Museum Nerd…

…may not be in the ‘burbs much longer!
On a whim, I went to an open house for a studio apartment in a row house in Mount Pleasant. The studio was tiny, but reasonably priced, and it had a dishwasher, and a bay window, and awesome wood floors.  *drools*

Then the guy showing the unit mentioned that the unit on the floor below it was a one bedroom and was going to be available in about a month (the current tenant was in the process of moving out, and then they were going to update the kitchen).  It was also going to be renting for a reasonable price.  I was all over that!  (And how awesome is it that they won’t charge me extra for my cats?  First place EVER that doesn’t!)

I’ve already filled out an application, and after the outgoing tenant is moved out they can let me in to see it and I can make my final decision!


Why am I so freaking excited about this apartment?  (Note:  these pictures are from the 3rd floor studio apartment that I saw today, not the 2nd floor one bedroom I’m looking to rent)

Hello gorgeous radiator, you sexy beast, you!

Looking out at the street (sorry it’s a crappy picture–I had to take it through the screen in the window)

The bay window in the studio–the one bedroom apartment has the same window in the living room.

I’m really hoping it works out, because living somewhere I actually like will go a long ways toward helping my frame of mind right now!  Really, the only minus I can think of about the place is the fact that the kitchen has significantly less counter and cabinet space than my current place.  But that will force me to get rid of a lot of the crap I’ve accumulated, and there is space for an extra shelf or small table that can help with storage!–though, this is based on seeing the kitchen in the studio apartment…I’m assuming the kitchen in the one bedroom is the same size, but we shall see!

(Though I do have to say, when my friends see the narrow staircase that they’re going to have to help me move stuff up, they might all kill me!  :-P)



  1. I *love* that radiator and would totally pick a place to live based on a radiator like that 🙂 I’d been hoping for beautiful radiators when I move back to DC, but I hadn’t even thought to hope for beautiful radiators!

    • That radiator is definitely on the list of things I love about this apartment (along with it’s location, the tentative price, the dishwasher in the kitchen, the wood floors…)

      But there are definitely trade-offs with an old building–the windows are really old and probably pretty drafty (thank goodness that heat is included in the rent!), the hallway and stairs to the unit are really narrow and have definitely seen better days, and the bathroom is a little grungy and old, but those are all sacrifices that I’m willing to make to get historic character!

      I’m really hoping this place works out! (and good luck on your housing hunt!)

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