Pretty! And Functional! And Black!

Some things I’m liking when I’m browsing the internets and dreaming about my (hopefully!) new apartment (it’s still not for sure yet!):

Ikea sells this Edland piece as a dressing table, but I’d totally use it as a computer desk (I’ll need one at the new place, because I have a built-in at the current place)

This piece from Target would be a great size for the kitchen (if it’s a lacking in storage as the kitchen in the studio apartment was!)…it would probably serve as a good microwave stand, too!  It would also help relieve the insane white-ness (white cabinets, white appliances, white floor, white walls!) of that kitchen!

And this rail from Ikea (along with a few of the s-hooks that they sell) would make a nice cheap pot rack–maybe on the wall over the buffet?–though I’d have to make sure to mount it to the wall really well!  And I’d have to also break down and buy some pots and pans worth displaying (we won’t talk about the set of RED pans from Wal-Mart that I’ve had since college!  :-P)

Also, this rug, in a small or runner size, would be great in the kitchen.  Hard-wearing jute, plus black and white!  Yay!  (And no, I’m not going to say what website it’s on, because it’s on clearance and they’re already selling out in some of the sizes!  MINE!  :-P)

I’m also going to need a new dresser soon, but I’ll probably go the Craig’s List route for that–maybe I can find one that’s a bit beat up and repaint it and put on new hardware (for probably cheaper than a new dresser!)

And, all of this is contingent on the new apartment working out (my posting all over the internet about it has probably jinxed it!), and me having the money to buy all this pretty furniture!  Ah well, that’s why I’m working three jobs!


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