Not a whole lot to say.  Slogging along one day at a time.  My friend E from college came to visit this past weekend, and it was a lot of fun (And may have involved the sentence “I ain’t your pirate hooker!”).  We spent a bunch of time in the city, and it made me miss DC even more (we wanted to make it over to Eastern Market because I haven’t been since I moved away from Hill East, but that didn’t happen because I discovered that when I’m hungover, the metro makes me wicked motion-sick!  Blegh!).

Yes, that’s a bird-butt (in a nest) that you see behind the drain spout.

Also, Hipster Kitty is one of my favorite things right now.  I’m just waiting for one of my friends to point out that in some ways, though, I’m totally a hipster wannabe.  *facepalm*


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