A Question for the Webs

So, I may or may not have an interview coming up next week (fingers crossed, but it’s really a long-shot)

My question is:  slacks or pencil skirt?

I have a suit jacket that goes with both a pair of slacks and a pencil skirt that I own.  The slacks are brand-new (bought them a few weeks ago because my old pair are getting worn out, but haven’t yet worn the new ones), while the pencil skirt is about a year old (but still pretty good looking!)

Is there a rule of thumb on what to wear to a job interview?  I know a skirt is more traditional and conservative, but slacks say “power suit” to me, which could be a good thing…




One comment

  1. Hi, not sure what you ended up wearing – but I would have worn the slacks!

    I’m not sure if there’s a rule of thumb but slacks just seem more professional to me than a pencil skirt (although I love pencil skirts 🙂

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