Bay Windows

I’m hopefully going to be able to see this week the one bedroom apartment in the rowhouse that I was raving about last month (yeah, it took a while–the outgoing tenants pushed back when they were moving out, and the company that owns the building let them, because they had been good tenants and had been living there for 5+ years, and I wasn’t in a huge rush to get in)

This has gotten me pondering what I would do in terms of curtains for the bay window in the living room of that apartment.  I currently have black sheer curtains hanging in my living room (rejects from my bedroom because they’re wicked sheer and I need bedroom curtains to block light when I’m trying to sleep in), but I worry that it would be too much black in the new place because I’m looking at getting a black sofa to put in the bay window.

I do love the look of sheers, but white is a bad idea with a black cat and a gray cat who both love to sit in windows!

I especially love this image because the wall with the windows is a mirror image of the front wall of the apartment I’m looking at (with the single window on the right and the bay on the left), and I like that they put a small sofa or settee in front of the bay (which is also what I’m thinking of doing!)

These windows are set up just like the ones in the apartment–single window on the right, bay on the left!  (Though in the apartment the single window also has a window A/C unit in it!)

Mmmmmm…bay window porn!  😛


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