I Can Haz Rug?

I haz rug!

I got this 5×8 black and white rug for a steal off HSN.com, but it’s going to be staying wrapped and rolled-up until I get to my new place next month!

The rug pattern is definitely a different look for me, but I’m really loving the slightly ethnic flavor it has, especial once it’s combined with some of the other pieces I plan on getting (the minimal and clean-lined Klippan sofa, some rounded and flowing accent tables, and an antique-looking desk)


  1. LOVE IT! I can’t pull it off — I suppose it’s too “ethnic” for me. I’ll stick to shag and cowhide. 😉 Can’t wait to see you pull it together in that wonderful apartment!

    • Oh, I love shag rugs also, but between their hairballs and their shedding, my cats will quickly destroy any rug that can’t be easily cleaned!
      And I’m pretty curious to see how I pull this rug off also! I’m hoping my furniture plans with work with it–but we won’t be able to find out until after I move back into DC (my friends have forbidden me from buying any real furniture because they don’t want to have to help me move things INTO my current place and then OUT and INTO the new place), and I sell my car, because that’s where the new-furniture-money is going to come from! 🙂

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