Oooh! (And Ugh)

First, the Oooh!

Yes, this is a before picture of one of the bathrooms redone by Adventures in Renovating a Brooklyn Limestone. It’s a pretty nasty bathroom, but I say “Oooh!” because it’s very much reminiscent of the before look of the in-the-process-of-being-redone bathroom in my new apartment (though I wish my bathroom had a claw-foot tub!) The thing that reminds me most of the bathroom that is being redone in my new apartment? That tile on the wall! With the swag design! My bathroom totally has that exact same tile! Well, it may not anymore–they did say back in April that they were thinking about keeping the tile, but because a lot of it was cracked, they might not be able to. I told them I was totally behind them saving it if they could! So we shall see.

Now, the Ugh that will probably get me lynched by the blogosphere: the two finalists in the Small Cool 2010 contest over at ApartmentTherapy? Ugh. *Snore* It’s not that I dislike either of them, but they’re both just so blah. I know, I know, my decor tastes are FAR from the general tastes of most people over at ApartmentTherapy. I get that most of them hate anything that isn’t straight midcentury, but I feel like neither of these are even very good or interesting examples of such. Oh well. I’ll be over here in my corner enjoying furniture with antique flair and crazy graphic colors. *Shrugs*



  1. While I’m finding myself lovely the mid-century style more and more, I do find both of those spaces very boring. To each his own I suppose. 🙂

    • Yeah–I could appreciate an interesting decor, no matter what the style, but both of these are total snores to me!

      But yes, to each their own! 🙂

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