Crazy Times in the City

-New job is going well.  It alternates between being insane, and being mind-numbingly dull, but my coworkers are always entertaining!  (And I totally have a crush on one of our little college-student interns–seriously, he’s freaking adorable!)

-HOLY BALLS I’M MOVING IN A COUPLE OF WEEKS!  I’m going to be seeing the (mostly) finished apartment next week–will definitely post pictures!

-Speaking of the new apartment, I think I’ve decided on a wall color–Dolphin Fin by Behr.  I was inspired by Alaina from Live Creating Yourself, who used that color on all the walls in her apartment.  I LOVE the way that wall color makes the molding and baseboards and other old details in her apartment POP, and I’m hoping that it will do the same for mine!  🙂

-On my one day off this weekend, I made bread!

Ready to go into the oven after the second rising!

Fresh from the oven!

And another angle!

I’m so freaking proud of this bread!  I normally have so much trouble getting it to rise correctly, but THIS recipe from SmittenKitchen was perfect!  Or maybe it was that I finally broke down and bought real bread flour.  🙂

-Also, I really need to come up with a new name for my blog!  It’s only half-true anymore, and in a couple of weeks, it will be a total lie!  😛  Also, I’m thinking I’m going to replace my header image (which currently features the Wee Historic Beastie) with a shot of the awesome rowhouses on the street in DC that I’m moving to!


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