There Once Was A Rowhouse Apartment…

Got to see the (almost) finished apartment today!  It is awesome, and I can’t freaking wait to move in!

Just inside the front door of the building!

Looking in the door of my apartment from the stairs.

Hello sexy bay window!

Quite a bit of space, but not a whole lot of kitchen.  (Ah, the joys of converted rowhouses–this room was obviously never intended to be a kitchen, so it’s a bit difficult to fit one into a room that has FOUR doorways, and a window.  Thus the miniscule counter and cabinet space.)  I’m definitely going to need a buffet or sideboard, and a pot rack.  And the stove is tiny because the front door of the apartment measures a grand 28″…so no, a conventional-sized range won’t even fit into the apartment!

Remember that original tile in the bathroom that I mentioned?  It’s still there!  😀  (They did re-tile the tub surround and the floor, though, because those tiles were not original and were in horrible condition!)


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