Blah and Mirrors


This week has been insane, and I’ve been battling allergy-triggered migraines the past few days…plus I have to work both Saturday and Sunday at special events at the Wee Historic Beastie (my last two days at that job!!!), and then back to the grind on Monday–weekend?  what’s that?

But in my copious free time at the New Job (definitely less copious this week than it’s been in the past few!), I’ve been planning change #1 for the new apartment:

Yes, that’s the little-bitty bathroom in my new apartment.  It’s awesomely vintage…except for the medicine cabinet.  Which is OLD, not awesome.  And it also looks like it’s about to fall off the wall.  So once I move in, it’s GONE!  To be replaced by just a mirror (seriously, I don’t even keep anything in the medicine cabinet in my current place, because anything that goes in there gets promptly forgotten about!)  But mirrors are expensive, so there will need to be a HomeGoods trip in the near future to look around for one.  I’m thinking a white or silver frame, with some sort of carved design would go well with the bathroom!  🙂


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