I Have Found My Calling!

Well, maybe not, but for right now I’m really enjoying being an office drone.  It’s nice being able to turn off your computer at the end of the day and not have to think about work until the next morning.  As far as I’m concerned, being in charge is overrated.

Maybe I just don’t have the personality to be a big decision-maker.  I remember when I was really in to politics in late high school/early college, I still loved the behind the scenes work.  Most of the other people that I worked with on campaigns were doing the work so they could move up the party hierarchy, and maybe run for office themselves eventually.  I never wanted that.  I didn’t want the responsibility!

And then while I was in charge of the Wee Historic Beastie +2, I hated having to make the tough decisions!

It also doesn’t hurt that my coworkers are all highly entertaining.  And go to happy hours A LOT.  I have probably been out to bars more in the month that I’ve been working at the Conservation Organization than I did in the entire year I was working at the WHB.  😀

And in OMG I’m Moving Back into DC in Two Weeks news, I’m still trying to decide what approach I want to take with the kitchen cabinets in the new place.

I really like the idea of doing open cabinets (just taking the doors off the current upper cabinets and adding a little pretty molding).  This would help with the fact that the upper and lower cabinet styles don’t match perfectly, but I’m not sure that my dishes are neat and pretty enough to pull it off.  I shall have to spend some time looking at my dishes in their current cabinets and ponder this.

I also  like the look of these black open upper cabinet.  But I’m worried that my landlords might be a little less easy-going about BLACK cabinets than they would be about me painting them white.  The counters are a dark gray also, so maybe I should just stick with white…but the appliances are white also!

Argh!  See?  I hate making decisions!  😛



  1. I’m pretty sure you are moving the same time we are! Well, close to it! 🙂 Maybe we’ll pass in our moving trucks! (We’re going into Oakton.)

    As far as the kitchen, I’d go white. It will open it up and make it not feel like it’s in that little corner as much. I love the look of dark cabinets, but for the sake of size, I would go white. Atleast your appliances will match! We have an ancient dishwasher (I’m hoping it dies), a stainless oven and a white fridge… So not cool, but it’s a rental and a good sized kitchen, so I’m not complaining!

    • Haha–and the place I’m moving out of is on the end of Vienna closest to Oakton (I walked by the Oakton High School a lot when I’d go for walks)

      And yeah, I’m leaning toward white, just to play it safe. It would match the appliances (which are all brand new–even the tiny little stove!), and I could go with my idea of the tin-tile-look backsplash… A lot of my dishes are black, too, so they’ll contrast nicely with white cabinets if I end up going open! 🙂

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