More Kitchen Inspiration

I love these two images because they’re not only of kitchens with white open cabinets and white appliances, but they’re also of real looking kitchens.  As in, they’re kitchens that a regular person could have–they’re not brand-new or wicked slick and modern.  They’re real.

Also, don’t the stoves look pretty familiar?  (Hint)

But yes, these give me hope for my ability to pull off painting the kitchen cabinets in the new apartment white and leaving them open.


  1. Oh, the second one is great! That’s from Apartment Therapy’s new Small Cool book, isn’t it? I just got it last week. I love the pale blue painted in the back of the cabinets — gives it such dimension!

    Looks like the top photo has seagrass wallpaper. Looks good there, but that space is really really bright — might make the space look dingy if there isn’t enough natural light..

    Also.. is your fridge really that far away from everything else? Haha. Love it.

    • Yep, the second image is from the Small Cool contest back in 2008, I think. (If you click on the image it should take you to the page on the AT website). I also like the color at the back of the cabinets–I might try a really light gray or something, depending on what color I decide on for the walls of the kitchen…

      And yeah, my fridge totally got banished to the corner on the opposite side of the room from the rest of the kitchen appliances. I really need to take more pictures of that room to show how awkward it is–I’m pretty sure it was originally a bedroom or something; definitely not designed to be a kitchen. But I love the quirkyness of the old converted rowhouse! 🙂

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