Things That Amuse Me

I finished round one of the move today–just moved a few boxes of books by myself to make things easier next weekend when we’re moving the big stuff!  (Doing that during Memorial Day weekend was also the best idea ever, because I got a parking spot RIGHT IN FRONT of the rowhouse!  And that’s pretty much unheard of in Mount Pleasant, where street parking is wicked hard to come by!)  I also took the opportunity to get more shots of the crazy layout of the kitchen in the new apartment.  Because it amuses and challenges me.  Wheeeee!

Also, check out the shine on those newly refinished wood floors!  Oooooh!  *drools*

And I think Lizzie is annoyed with me for moving so many of my boxes of books today, because she loved to use them as a perch.  Also, kitty butt!  😛

And on a completely unrelated note:

It’s hard to tell what that is sticking out of the center garbage can, but it’s the foot of an old, beat-up  mannequin. These were the garbage cans outside the Awesome Historic House last week.  I was highly amused.



  1. Oh! Seeing the space in the kitchen from the other angle makes it much better! I thought it was just a little corner in the living/dining area, but it’s basically a nice big room. Do you have a dining room? If not, you could totally put a bistro set by those awesome built ins.

    Kitteh-butt! 😀

    • Haha–yeah, I guess it’s not really clear in the picture I’ve been using mostly that the kitchen is actually a separate room. No dining room, though, but I’m on the lookout for a nice antique drop-leaf/gate-leg table for that space near the window and the pantry–something that won’t take up too much space normally, but that I can fold out when I have people over! 🙂

      And there is SO much kitteh butt in my life!

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