Weekend? What Weekend?

Got almost all of my moving done this weekend!  There’s still a couple of boxes, my refrigerated things, and a couple of small side tables, but all the big stuff (ie, my bed) is moved.

Getting settled in the new apartment has shown me a few things that I want to do ASAP:

-I NEED a new showerhead for my shower.  The one that’s in there now SUCKS (the spray is very mist-y, so it took me forever to wash my hair last night!)

-I think I’m going to forgo putting the blinds that came with the apartment back up (they were taken down while the apartment was being repainted before I moved in)–they’re gross and ancient, and crappy apartment blinds suck to begin with anyway.  But this means that I need to get my curtains hung ASAP!  Any tips on hanging curtain rods on 100 year old plaster walls?  Eeep!

-I also really need to get a tube of caulking, because there’s a couple of little gaps in the ancient window frames that could use sealing up (and they’re small enough that I can do it without bothering the landlord–I’m already bugging him about the screen in my bedroom that has a hole!)

Also, I’m now totally tempted to paint my fireplace all white (it’s currently partially white and partially natural wood).  While I was moving in over the weekend some of my friends and I took a break and sat on the front steps (something I’m sure I will be doing a lot of this summer–it’s great people-watching!), and I was a total creep and peeked in the window of my first floor neighbors (well, it was more like a glance, and they had their curtains open!  :-P).  Their fireplace is all white!  *wants*  They also have french doors, which I’m totally jealous of…but they’re also on the first floor where creepy people like me can see right in to their living room!  😉

So, that’s where things stand right now with the new place!  The kitties are also settling in quite nicely (they LOVE the big bay window!).  Now I just need to get the last few things moved and start unpacking!  Augh!  🙂



  1. Woohoo summer moving! For those plaster walls, I would suggest investing in a nice drill if you don’t already have one. There are different sorts of mounting brackets, and I’m sure there are tons of resources online for what works best.

    Our landlord is going to hate us as well. Half the screens have holes in them, half the outlet covers are broken or missing and the screen to the back patio is off its rail. Time to make a list for her! 😉

    Good luck getting settled in!

    • Oh man–we were totally dodging thunderstorms yesterday (and of course it was pouring when we went to move my mattress in–and in our rush, we totally got it stuck in the crazy narrow corner of the stairs!)

      And I do have a drill–I just need to check into what sorts of mounting brackets I need to use…this is the first place I’ve lived with plaster walls! All the previous places have had newer drywall!

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