Rocking the Grandma-Chic

Yes, I’m totally getting one of these soon.  Hey, I’m going to be putting my car up for sale in the next couple of weeks, so I’ll need a way to drag home all the boxes of cat litter and giant bags of cat food!  (And, you know, groceries for myself and silly stuff like that…)

Why yes, I am the crazy cat lady!  😛

(And in totally unrelated news, the Adorable Intern got a hair cut over the weekend…I Do Not Approve!  It was so awesome and curly-shaggy before!  *pouts*  ;-))


One comment

  1. Haha! I almost got one of these while in the place I’m about to move out of. It was either haul them up 3 flights of steps or park in the garage, take the elevator and haul them across the entire third floor on the complex. I love the turquoise one!

    And a note about your side note — it’s probably better that he got a haircut, now you can focus on work! 😉

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