The kitties LOVE the big windows in the new apartment, and they’ve both finally discovered the joy of a railroad apartment: the doorways from room to room are all lined up, which makes the apartment a wonderful racetrack for galloping fur-beasts!  (My poor downstairs neighbors!)

In less-awesome apartment news, I’ve realized that when I finally get around to painting the walls of my apartment, I’m going to need a ladder.  Gah!  I could probably borrow one from the Awesome Historic House, but I don’t know if one would even fit in my car…or I could just put it off until after I’ve sold my car and gotten a ZipCar account…  Also, ladders freak me the heck out.  I do not like heights of any sort!

And in non-apartment-related news, my coworkers are amazing!  I was having a shitty day yesterday, so they were awesome and let me take nice long breaks to get out for a walk in the nice weather, and bought me chocolate!  🙂



  1. That rug you got, is it going in this room? If so, it’ll look awesome! It’s always hard to see how a room will look when it’s filled with boxes, but it looks like it’ll be a warm space. 🙂

    We also have matching Crate and Barrel boxes in our new places. Haha.

    The kittehs look like they are enjoying the place, though. They look light enough to where the downstairs neighbors shouldn’t mind too much!

    Good luck getting settled in! 🙂

    • Thanks! The rug that I bought is probably going to go in this room (I’m waiting to put it down until things get a little more organized!)

      And Lizzie’s nice and small, so she doesn’t make too much noise, but Mr. Max is almost 20 pounds of clumsy boy, so he can make quite a racket! But I haven’t heard the girl above me moving around too much, so hopefully the people below me can’t hear much either! 🙂

      And good luck getting settled into your new place too!

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