Mirrors I’m Loving

I’ve started my hunt for a nice mirror to replace the bulky and ugly medicine cabinet in my bathroom (seriously, every time I bend over my bathroom sink, I’m afraid that I’m going to smack my head on the thing, it sticks out so far–and it’s not like there’s a whole lot of space to spare in that bathroom!)

I’m planning on hitting HomeGoods at some point soon, but until then, I’ve been looking online, and discovered that Etsy might also be a good source!






(another from TheLovelys)


Many of these would require a little repainting (white or possibly silver) to match the bathroom.  I definitely want to go for a glam, vintage, girly look for the bathroom, embracing the original tiles.


One comment

  1. Ooh, I love the first three! I have one almost exactly like the third one and was going to suggest something like that, but I’m kind of digging the gilt look.

    A totally different idea: a lot area Mexican art/craft places have great mirrors, some with inset tiles and some with elaborate tin (I think) surrounds. The Phoenix is super-expensive, but I’m sure there are some cheaper options out there.

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