Sorry I got quiet again–I don’t have internet at the new apartment (and I’m putting off getting it as long as possible–Comcast is the Spawn of Satan, and I freaking hate dealing with them, but RCN can’t seem to find my address, so they’re not an option), and life has largely consisted of bus-work-bus-explore and love neighborhood-attempt to cook with no counter space (I really need to get a buffet or sideboard or something!)-play with the kitties-shower-laundry in the creepy basement-play with window A/C units-sleep-repeat.

But I did discover another blog that the urban planner in me is loving:  BeyondDC.  I’m especially loving the “Best American Cities” post–DC makes their #3, which I totally agree with, and I love what they have to say about the city:

Yes yes, we are a self-loathing city and it’s not supposed to be acceptable to think Washington is so great, but have you seen the rest of the country? We have the best transit outside New York, awesome neighborhoods, great architecture… I’m not afraid to admit that I love DC.


I ❤ DC!


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