Busy Weekend!

I was wicked busy this miserably-hot weekend.  Started it off right with an after-work picnic with friends at the free jazz concert in the Sculpture Garden at the NGA, and then shenanigans at a bar (that may have involved my friends stealing my cell phone and texting people from it. *facepalm*)

Then the rest of the weekend was devoted to finally getting totally moved out of the old place, and selling a my old dining set to a friend (because I don’t have room for in the new apartment).  The seats of the dining chairs, though, were covered in cat hair, and were an unattractive blah beige to begin with, so I offered to recover them!

(I apologize for the blurry pictures–my cell phone camera sucks!)



Not a huge difference, but my friend picked out fabric that matched her decor and added a little shine.  And this was my first recovering job, so I’m pretty freaking proud of it!  And I might be totally addicted to using a staple gun now, too!  😛

Also, finally got some new plants in the pots I’ve been dragging around from apartment to apartment–the front steps of the rowhouse are now adorned with lavender, basil, and catnip plants!


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