Drip, Drip, Drip

Just as I was heading to bed around 10pm last night a nice thunderstorm rolled through.  I LOVE thunderstorms, and the fact that my bed is right by my bedroom window makes for great–if slightly damp–storm watching.

As I was enjoying the storm, I realized that some of the dripping I was hearing was definitely not outside.  In fact, some of the dripping sounds were coming from in my bedroom.  Luckily not near my bed, though.

Yeah, the roof apparently decided to leak during the downpour.  I put down all of the bowls I own to catch the water, and spent a while chasing Max away when he tried to drink the nasty water that was accumulating in the bowls (eventually, I gave up and decided that if he wanted to be that freaking stupid, he could have at it  :-P)  I also called my landlord, but of course there wasn’t much they could do in the middle of the night in a downpour.  But the dripping stopped when the rain let up, and I made sure to empty the bowls before I went back to bed so that Mr. Brilliant Hair Ball didn’t drink too much 100-year-old-nastiness filled water.

But I just got an email to let me know that the roof is currently being fixed.  Which is good, because they’re calling for more thunderstorms this evening!


(This post could alternately be titled “Why I Like Renting:  When Shit Happens, It’s Not My Problem!” :-D)

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