Yay! and Oops?

So, I finally got my lazy bum in gear and went to Ikea.  No, not the long-awaited couch run (that will probably have to wait until I have a friend visiting in early August–captive labor!  ;-)), but a nice haul none the less!

But the most important thing I got?

That would be my new sideboard/table thingy.  I’ll probably paint it at some point, but I’m already in love with it because it’s freeing up counter and pantry space!  (And yes, that’s Lizzie with her face shoved in the food bowl in the shadows on the right)

I’m also pretty excited about these:

Hello $4 glass storage jars from Ikea!  I’m all about keeping most of my dry foodstuffs in airtight containers (not the crappy packaging that they come in) to help combat bug problems, but until now, I’ve been using ugly plastic containers.  I’ve been drooling over pictures of kitchens with glass jar storage all set out on a shelf and looking awesome, so now I get to try it for myself…we’ll see how long it keeps looking pretty once I start actually using the stuff!  😛

And the oops?

I had mentioned quite a while back that I wanted to take down the hideous, bulky old medicine cabinet in my bathroom.  In fact, I believe it was supposed to be #1 on my list of things to do with the new apartment.  But then I got busy with life, and I just worked around the darn thing.

Then, last night, I leaned on it the wrong way.

And it came off the wall.


Looks like I’m going to HomeGoods this weekend in the hopes that I can find a mirror.  🙂



  1. Oooh, we have plenty of counter space, but I HATE looking at appliances on the counter — I should see if we could fit one of those shelves in our kitchen.. And those jars! I use them, and love them! Though I should really pick up more, for sure. I’m going to end up at Ikea this weekend, thanks to you. 😉 (I’ve spent every weekend the last month there, save last weekend..)

    Good luck finding a mirror! I think the medicine cabinet wanted to go!

    • I’m really, really happy with this shelf/table thingy–it was $80, but it’s solid wood, which is awesome, and can totally be painted!

      And another nice thing about not having a car anymore is that it limits my Ikea trips–if I had easier access to a store and a car, I’d totally be there every weekend too! 🙂

      I’m keeping my fingers crossed about finding a mirror–it’s hard to get ready for work in the morning with no bathroom mirror! 😛

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