Here and There

Curtains, they are hung!  I need to get another set of these nice light white curtains (same ones that are hanging in my bedroom) from Ikea next time I’m there, because one set isn’t quite enough for the bay window.  I also need to get real hold-backs, since right now I’m pulling them back by tucking one side into my bookcase and draping the other side on the radiator.

(And yes, that’s Lizzie crashed on the window sill.  Awwwwww!)

And I’ve started painting the mirror!  A couple of coats tonight (this photo was taken after the first coat), and a couple more tomorrow (and maybe more the next day, depending on how well 4 coats cover–the paint is really thin, and I want to make sure to not glob too much on at a time!)  I’m using a high gloss white paint, so hopefully it’ll turn out pretty!  🙂

Also, I’ve added another page to the blog!  “The Rowhouse Apartment”–where I’ve put all the miscellaneous pictures of the apartment from right before I moved in…so you can easily see what the place looked like before I got a hold of it and filled it with crazy furniture and furry tumbleweeds!



    • Awwww, thank you!

      I’m pretty madly in love with my bay window–that, the fireplace, the old transom windows, the 100 year old wood floors, the gorgeous radiators, all make up for the less awesome parts of my apartment (the TINY bathroom, the leaking bedroom ceiling, the drafty old windows)

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