Hells to the Freaking YEAH!

So, back in March 2008, there was a massive fire in an apartment building on Mount Pleasant Street, NW, a few blocks from where I live now (THIS flickr stream has some incredible pictures from the fire).  About 200 residents, mostly low-income, were displaced by the fire.

In the two + years since the fire, nothing had been done to rehabilitate the shell that stands in the middle of the commercial district on Mount Pleasant Street.  Even before the fire, the owner of the building had basically been letting it rot, with dozens of housing code violations, which probably led to the fire.

But FINALLY!  Some progress! This makes me so unbelievably happy.  I’m sure the property isn’t out of the woods yet, but it’s a step in the right direction, and at least now there’s some hope that this gaping hole in the middle of Mt. P. St. will be filled!  🙂

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