Important Life Decisions

Okay, not really.  But which couch to buy is pretty important.  😛

So, I’ve been planning for a while to buy this couch:

The Ikea Klippan loveseat in Granan Black

But now I’m starting to think about this sofa:

The Ikea Karlstad loveseat in Blekinge white

And now I’m torn.  I pretty much have to get a loveseat from Ikea, because I want something small that won’t take up to much room in my living room, something that comes apart so it will fit up the stairs to my apartment, and something CHEAP.

The Karlstad in basic white is about $150 more than the Klippan with a black cover.  If I got it, I would eventually like to get a gray cover for the Karlstad, but I would have to put that off because that’s another $100 or something.  But I had also been planning on getting a few big pillows to put across the back of the Klippan to make it look more like a normal sofa and less like a Scandinavian spaceship, so once I factor in the price of the pillows, the price difference is only about $100.

But I’m still torn.  Do I go with the cheaper sofa that will probably keep me happy for a while (I doubt I’ll be happy with it long-term…but it’s also an Ikea sofa, so how long term would it last anyway?  :-P), or the one that’s a bit more of an investment (ha ha…yeah) that looks a little more like a normal sofa and that I might be happier with for longer?




  1. Go with the Karlstad!! If we weren’t investing in a Room and Board sofa, we’d go with the Karlstad. They have a new light grey linen looking fabric out and while at Ikea this past weekend, we sat in it for a good 20-30 minutes just talking. It’s quite comfy, and well, normal looking. 😉

    While I have not seen a lot of your stuff, what I have seen is traditional mixed with contemporary — the Klippan will stick out like a sore thumb (not that it doesn’t already).

    Go Karlstad!
    (and save up for the cover you want now)

    • I love the new gray cover that they’ve come out with for the Karlstad also! But it’s even more expensive! *pouts* And I do like that it actually looks like a normal sofa, instead of screaming “IKEA!!!!”

      But yeah, I’d love to get a nice “real” sofa (like from Room and Board or something), but I need one that is small enough and/or comes apart to fit up the tiny stairs to my apartment–they’re so small I also couldn’t get my new dresser up them a couple of weeks ago! Eep!

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