The title of this post is a pretty good description of this past weekend.  Well, okay, maybe just Sunday…

First, I knew very well when I bought the white cover for my Karlstad sofa that it was not going to get along well with my gray cat and my black cat.  I just didn’t expect the cat hair to accumulate quite so quickly!  And the gray covers that Ikea makes for the Karlstad are all wicked expensive.  So my alternative?  A gray sheet.  I just need to, you know, buy one.

Then, I tried to make some sandwich bread.  Last time I used this recipe (from Smitten Kitchen), it turned out fabulous.  This time?  Made of fail.  Let’s just say a brick came out of my oven.  I’m unsure why the bread failed this time–it might have been either the really old whole wheat flour that I used, or the fact that the weather was just all around funky on Sunday, which may have thrown off the rising.  Either way, I’m trying again this evening after work, sans whole wheat flour.

Then the icing on the cake?  Water starts pouring out of the ceiling in my kitchen around 7pm.  Turns out my upstairs neighbor’s toilet had overflowed.  *facepalm*  Luckily, she was home when it happened, and luckily it was clean water that was leaking into my kitchen, but it was still pretty crazy.  And I think my neighbor thinks I’m nuts, because I just kind of stood there watching the water and laughing.  The water stopped pouring into my kitchen once they managed to shut off the water to the toilet, and her toilet and my ceiling are getting fixed today.

So, yeah.  Another awesome weekend in Mount Pleasant.  😛

And because this post needs a picture, have some fuzzy Lizzie-Glow-Eyes:


  1. Bad plumbing, but great cat! And I’m glad you have a sense of humor about it all. The first day I moved into my old place, water poured from the upstairs laundry through the chandelier in my dining room. I got hysterical enough that I managed to get my architect and contractor to come over on in evening dress on the way to an awards dinner to solve the problem.

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