Quirky Buildings Bring People Together

In the middle of the “water gushing from my kitchen ceiling” fiasco Sunday evening, my upstairs neighbor (S–who’s a totally sweet girl) came in to my apartment with the maintenance guy so I could show them where the water was coming out, and just how much (folks, it was a lot of water).  While she was in my apartment, she got to have a little meet and greet with Mr. Max the Manwhore (she also has a cat, so she was more than happy to give poor neglected Maximus some love), and she was gushing about how cute my apartment is.

I’m totally flattered that she was impressed by “how your apartment is coming together.”  Because can you see all those cords all over the place?  😛  Yeah, I think that should be one of my next projects for the living room–wrangle cords, and find a freaking coffee table! (Why yes, I am having a hell of a time finding something that falls between Ikea/West Elm modern BLAH and too granny-chic even for me!)

Also, my upstairs neighbor S and I have rather cozy relationships with each other’s apartments.  I had originally been looking at what is now her 3rd floor studio, but then I found out that the 2nd floor one bedroom apartment was going to be coming available soon, so I jumped on that.  And S admitted to me a while back that she had checked out my apartment while they were doing work on it before I moved in.  So we’re pretty familiar with each other’s apartments.  😛

In summation, my neighbors are awesome and sometimes they stroke my ego.  And holy balls I need a real coffee table!


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