Creeping Along in the Bathroom

The bathroom kind of stalled out when I had a series of visitors–I got a lot accomplished before they came (because I wanted the bathroom to at least be presentable for them), but I also kind of burned out by trying to do everything in a rush.  So my bathroom has sat in the same condition for almost a month…

But now I’m getting motivated again to put the finishing touches on the room!

One thing I’d like to get is this little shelf from the Container Store.  It’s on sale, and should be pretty easy to spray paint white.  Then I can add a couple of baskets from Ikea, and have some pretty good storage!

Also, I need to put a coat of off-white/cream paint on the mirror.  You may remember, I painted the frame of the new mirror whitewhitewhite a while back, and then realized that it looks silly next to all the off-white in my bathroom.  *facepalm*  So I’m thinking of getting one of those little containers of paint that some of the companies sell for testing out a color, because I don’t need very much!

And, I need to put the ruffles on my shower curtain!  But to do that, I kind of need to buy some white thread.  Because yes, I am that girl who only owns black thread.  And then there will be ruffles!


(In completely unrelated news, I may have pink eye.  *headdesk*  I’m at work, just waiting for someone to look at my eye, and yell at me to go home before I infect the entire office.  But I’m not sure that it’s pink eye–I don’t know where I would have picked that up!  I’ll blame the Awesome Historic House, because I worked there on Saturday.  😉 )

ETA:  Luckily, the redness in my eye appears to be going down–it’s still sore and gunky, but not red anymore, so hopefully it’s just allergies (or my cats were trying to kill me in my sleep :-P)

One comment

  1. If you are going to spray paint the mirror, places like JoAnn’s and Michael’s have tiny spray paint cans that might be perfect. Might I suggest going with a color instead of off-white? If your bathroom is all off-white, with an off-white mirror, it might end up looking pretty bland. Adding in a bunch of color might be the inspiration you need to get the other things completed! JoAnn’s and Michael’s also sell thread, so win-win!

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