Last night, I made accidentally-vegan muffins.  “Accidentally-vegan” because I realized when I was half way through making the batter that I was out of eggs (the recipe called for one egg).  It was late enough in the evening that I didn’t want to go out to get any (and I prefer buying my eggs at the Saturday farmer’s market anyways!), so I just added a little extra water to the batter and continued as usual.

And, amazingly, the muffins didn’t turn out half bad!  They took longer to bake, and were a little less flavorful, but totally edible!  I was amazed!

But in the future, I’m going to make sure that I have all the necessary ingredients before I start cooking!  😛

Also, can I talk about how amazing the weather was today?  I was chilly on my walk to the bus this morning!  YAY FALL!!!  😀


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