DC Bits

This map, which uses colored dots to show population and racial makeup in the DC area in 2000, has been making the rounds on the DC blogs (I posted a cropped version–click on it to see the whole map, which includes the VA and MD suburbs over at Greater Greater Washington)

The blob of yellow (Hispanic), mixed with red (white) and blue (black), in north-central DC is my neighborhood!  And that’s why I love it–it’s by far the most diverse part of DC that I’ve lived in (and is probably the most diverse area of DC period)  😀

And a few other DC odds-and-ends:

Dorchester House is actually just a bit south of where I live, and I’ve always been fascinated by stories about tenant associations–I’ve never lived anywhere that had anything approaching an active tenant association, but I’ve also only lived in large apartment buildings twice in my years here in DC.

-“Two in five households in the District spend more than 30 percent of their income, the federal housing affordability standard, on rent“–*raises hand*  I spend about 60% of my income on rent, and that’s pretty much how it’s always been since I’ve lived here in DC.  I can get away with that because I don’t have much in the way of other expenses–I don’t have a car, and I don’t have very large  student loan payments.  But it does mean that I live pretty much paycheck to paycheck, and don’t have money to get fancy coffees and lunch out regularly (though I can still treat myself sometimes :-D)


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