The Problem Child

Now, most of the light fixtures in my apartment are cool and vintage-looking (well, the two in my kitchen and bathroom are cool…the one in my walk in closet is pretty much just a bare bulb hanging from the ceiling, but I can let that go since it’s a closet)

But then there’s this one:

(It’s hard to get a photograph that captures the awfulness that is the ceiling light in my living room…though it doesn’t help that I decide to take these pictures at 10pm)

Seriously, the thing is hideous.  It’s pretty much just a bowl to catch bug carcasses in (seriously, I need to clean that thing out, and those are just the bugs that have flown in there and died since I moved in!)

Anyway, I hatehatehate that light fixture.  But I’m frightened of trying to change it.  My apartment is in an old, wonky building, so I’m a bit worried about what I’ll find if I try to replace the whole fixture (I know practically nothing about the wiring and such that goes in to a ceiling fixture!)  But it’s SO UGLY!

What I need to do is drag one of the ladders (because have I mentioned 10+ foot ceilings??) that lives in the basement of my building up to my apartment and poke around at this thing (hey, it would be an excuse to at least clean out 4 months worth of bug corpses)

But until I get the nerve up to do that, I’ll just sit here and pout at the ugly thing on my living room ceiling.  *pouts*

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