Blog Love

Have I mentioned how much I love the blog Manhattan Nest?  Daniel is pretty much my hero–I just LOVE seeing people do great things with urban rental apartments (especially quirky, older apartments that are very much like my own!  :-D)

So inspirational!  🙂

(And yes, eventually, I’ll be back to posting about what I’m doing with my own apartment…things are a bit crazy right now–hello working a 14 hour shift at the Awesome Historic House yesterday!  And I have family coming later in the month.  Mostly I’ve just been trying to find a coffee table–and DAMN is it hard!  All the inexpensive ones are so freaking ugly!  Gah!)



  1. I just bought a cofee table from Ikea yesterday — it’s a dark wood and round, so it will fit better in my tiny living room than a large rectangular table. Also got a dresser and side table — much building awaits!

    • Nice!
      I want to see your coffee table–maybe that will give me a better idea of what I’m looking for (I’ve been spending too much time browsing Craig’s List trying to find something that jumps out at me–and that isn’t $400!)

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