Industrial Kitchen

I know, I know, I really haven’t done much of anything around the apartment recently.  But in an attempt to kick my butt into gear with the kitchen (I WILL paint the kitchen cabinets!), I’ve been thinking about rearranging things.

I’ve been looking for a small table that I could use to eat at, but pretty much everything I’ve found is ugly or too big.  So then I got thinking about using the buffet table that I got at Ikea a while back as a “breakfast bar” type thing with some stools.  But to do that I would have to find something to take its place as far as providing storage…

The Ikea Hyllis

Awesome industrial stools

Add in the fact that I have been planning on putting up a faux tin ceiling tile type backsplash (the backsplash in my kitchen currently doesn’t have anything on it–it’s just plain wall), which would be a brushed silver metal look, and I think a few industrial steel accents would look cool!

So, as usual, I keep coming up with ideas, but I’m probably going to fail at the implementing them part.  Gah.


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