How’s That for Timing?

Just yesterday I posted a rant about affordable condos in old buildings that still have their old character here in DC (summary:  they don’t exist)

Then today, there was a post at Prince of Petworth about a mansion here in Mount Pleasant (just a couple of blocks from my awesomely dumpy rowhouse :-P) that was recently purchased to be divided into condos.

Pictures from the house when it was for sale earlier this year can be found HERE.  (Note:  these are NOT my photos–they were taken by Flickr user mkw4114–all credit for these awesome shots goes to him!)

A few of my favorites:

(This tile work looks decidedly familiar–much like in the entry of my building, which was built around the same time!)

(Look at that staircase!  Definitely much fancier than my building!)

(Another familiar sight–that tile is very similar to the tile in my bathroom!)

Anywho, I’m of two minds about it being divided up into condos–on one hand, yay for it being fixed up! But the more cynical part of me says A)  They’ll probably use it’s poor condition as an excuse to renovate the character out of the interior, like in so many other condo conversions (but I’m still keeping my fingers crossed that I’ll be proven wrong!), and B)  It’s not like I’d be able to afford one of those condos–this is Mount Pleasant after all.  *sigh*  But I can still dream of a one-bedroom condo that still has all of the awesome character that you can see in the house now (you can see the current and proposed floorplans–as well as some more pictures of the interior and exterior of the building–HERE [FYI–the link opens a PDF])

COMING SOON:  I’m rearranging my living room in an attempt to jump start my creative juices!  😀


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