Om Nom Nom

So, I’ve finally gotten sick of eating PB&J for dinner while my kitchen is torn apart for cabinet painting.  Now, the kitchen is still torn apart (I need to go get new hinges for my cabinet doors, probably tomorrow after work), but I managed to carve out a little space to whip up some real food for dinner!  So healthy!  And yummy!

And now I have gingerbread cookies in the oven–I’m taking them to a coworker’s holiday get-together tomorrow night.  Mmmmm!

Just a little teaser…  😛


  1. Looking good! That’s one of the things I wish our landlord would let us do, but at this point, I really can’t care enough to worry about asking! I bet it’s giving your kitchen a whole new look! Exciting!

    • Hahahaha…well, it isn’t so much that my landlord is “letting” me paint the kitchen cabinets–it’s more I’ve just decided to do it, to hell with my landlord (who is actually pretty awesome and low-key, so I don’t think he’ll have a problem with it…)

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