Well Hello There, 2011

Well, 2011 has been off to a great start–kicked off the new year with a massive hangover, which was followed by a migraine.  *facepalm*

Anyhoo, I’m a wee bit late, but here are my plans/resolutions for 2011:

FINISH THE FREAKING KITCHEN CABINETS! Seriously, this needs to happen!

-Start walking home from work more (It’s a totally do-able walk, and has the double benefit of saving me bus fare AND getting in some much needed exercise!)

-Start doing yoga again.  I was really good about doing yoga religiously when I was wicked stressed out and miserable early in 2010, but once things got better (new job and new apartment) I slacked off.  I need to keep it up even when things are going well!  🙂

-Be better about not letting my apartment degenerate into a disaster.  Seriously, I need to do small amounts of cleaning and organizing regularly–that way I won’t have to do all-day cleaning marathons when things get out of control!

-Save more!  I’m already starting that off on the right foot–most of the money I got from family for Christmas went into a shiny new savings account.

-Eat better.  I keep getting stuck in ruts, where I’ll eat the same thing for a week straight.  Or I’ll be lazy and eat pb&j for lunch AND dinner.  I need to get better about that–I LIKE cooking–there’s no reason why I’m not doing it!

-Simplify. I can get to be too much of a consumer whore sometimes, and I need to work on that.  Just because I have the money, and the shoes are pretty doesn’t mean I should buy them.  Do I NEED them?

And, here’s another gratuitous pretty picture from Apartment Therapy:


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