Every Once in a While…

…I actually miss my field.

You know, that field that I got my master’s degree in.  Museums.

Went to a lecture after work today being given by the curator at the Awesome Historic House (where I still work on the weekends) about what they’re going to be doing for the 150th anniversary of the Civil War.  It was super interesting, hearing her talk about how they’ve been digging up information on how the site was used, and who passed through, etc.  And it made me miss working in a museum.

At least, I missed working in a museum for a few moments, until I thought about all the other parts that she didn’t talk about (things like being told that you have to cut your one part time employees hours back even more, or having to deal with the gutters falling off the roof again, or rock-stealing cults, or Virginians being batshit crazy and all “the South will rise again!” about the Civil War… *cough*cough*WeeHistoricBeastie*cough*cough*)

Have I mentioned that I have a love/hate relationship with the museum field?

In happier news:

I’ve finished painting the kitchen cabinets!!!

Now I just need to get to the Home Depot again to get the panels for the backsplash!  🙂


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