Paint! Paint! And More Paint!

So apparently I’m addicted to painting.  Or something.

Because no sooner had I finished the never-ending project of painting my kitchen cabinets, then I started painting my sideboard!  The sideboard is THIS ONE from Ikea, and it’s B.O.R.I.N.G.  (but highly useful!)  So I’m painting the legs and lower shelves white (with leftovers from the cabinet painting), and I’m thinking that I’ll stain the top to match my wood floors (or as close as I can get–I’m amazingly bad at getting the intended color with wood stain!)

Once that’s done, I WILL be painting the wall behind the sideboard and fridge with blackboard paint!  Hey, it’ll be a great incentive for me to not move for a long time, because I’m sure that would be a royal pain to paint over!  😛

And paint is cheap, so I can feel like I’m being wicked productive without spending much money!  🙂

Oh, and here’s my wicked poor attempt at drawing a floorplan of my apartment (it’s totally not to scale–my bathroom is small, but not THAT small, and my bedroom and kitchen are actually about the same size…), but it gives more of a visual of my “railroad” apartment (no hallways, just the rooms opening on to one another)

(And amusingly, I made the floorplan in Paint.  :-P)


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