Three Day Weekend of NOTHING

That’s pretty much what I’ve been up to:  Nothing.

I should be painting molding, or staining the top of my sideboard.  Instead, I’m sleeping in until noon, lounging in the sun with the kitties, and cooking.

I went on a bit of a cooking binge today:  I made gingerbread (and managed to dump a bunch of sugar on the floor–boohiss!), fried polenta with tomato topping for dinner, and I have no-kneed bread currently doing it’s overnight rising.  🙂

Outside of my apartment, things are a little crazy–one of my bosses at work just quit, so I’m a little freaked out at how that’s going to effect me once she’s gone.  I’ve also been applying for a handfull of history/museum-related jobs.  Not sure if I have any chance of getting any of them, but at least I’m trying.  And I just found out from my parents that there’s a possibility they might be having to stay with me for an extended period in the not-too-distant future–like most state governments, South Dakota’s is pretty fucked financially, and in great Armpit of the Planet style prioritization, they’ve decided that education (which is already a joke in that state) should bear the brunt of the cuts.  My dad’s a professor at one of the state universities, so they don’t know how that’s going to impact him–it could be anything from a pay cut (because what does it matter that they’re already the lowest paid professors in the COUNTRY?) to a total elimination of positions.  If my dad’s job gets cut, my parents are going to end up having to live with me while they decide what they’re going to do (my dad’s still 10 years shy of retirement, so this is kind of really bad timing)

So yeah, things are a little bit crazy…Eeeep!


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