I’m Strange

I can’t remember exactly how it came up, but I was eating lunch with some coworkers a couple of weeks back, and mentioned that I don’t have a microwave in my apartment.

They were shockedHow on earth does an urban 20-something in the early 21st century live without a microwave???

Quite easily, I explained.  When I moved in to my current apartment, I didn’t own a microwave of my own because my last two places had had ones built-in.  The tiny kitchen didn’t have one (there’s really no place to put one!)–but I figured that I’d try this microwave-less thing for a few weeks, and then go out and buy one when I got tired of reheating things on the stove or in the oven.

Those few weeks turned into a few months…and now after 8+ months in my current apartment, I have no desire to buy a microwave.  I’ve gotten used to the fact that it takes longer to reheat things–and I actually like that it forces me to slow down a bit.

I’m not anti-microwave (I still use the ones in our office kitchen to reheat leftovers for lunch)–I’ve just found that it’s another thing that I can do without quite easily (also on that list:  a car, cable/a DVR, a boyfriend  :-P)

Also strange:  I’m making a quilt.  I’m pretty excited about it, because I was able to find fabrics that are reproduction 19th century prints, but in rather modern-looking colors (mostly bright pinks, and black and white).  I’m going to assemble it by machine (the sewing machine that I got for free from a coworker at the Awesome Historic House), but then hand quilt it.  🙂  It’s going to be for my bed, and will add to the quirky mix of old and new, girly and industrial that I have planned for the room.

Also strange:  I do not own or use a bicycle.  Biking in the city scares the living daylights out of me!  I’ll walk and take the bus, thanks.


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