Hey Baby

I have a new ceiling light!!!  Sorry for the bad picture, but it’s hard to photograph a light at night (I’ll try to get a better pic this weekend when I’m actually home during daylight hours!)

There may have been a whole lot of cursing, and me almost falling off the top of a ladder, but my friend (and co-worker) M and I managed to get it installed!  😀



  1. Woohoo! Looks a lot nicer than ours does right now – hopefully we’ll actually install it in the next place, rather than just have it hanging on the ceiling by a stupid hook. Do you think it casts a weird light? I know when we first got ours, I tried everything to get a warmer light. Now I’ve just kind of resigned myself to the cool tone.

    • Converting the plug-in to hardwire was super easy, and Home Depot sells little kits in the lighting section for like $5 that come with the cover to hide all the connecting wires and everything. And You’ll want to make sure to have a set of pliers that has the notches in in to strip the plastic off the wires of the cord (they have them in the electrical section at HD)

      So far I haven’t noticed anything strange about the light (but I may just not have noticed yet because we didn’t get it finished until pretty late last night, and I crashed right after that, or maybe I’m just already used to weird light because the old ceiling light was all kinds of funky) I’m assuming you’ve already tried different kinds of light bulbs?

  2. I think we have. But comments on CB2’s website have even mentioned it’s a lot cooler toned than you’d think it would be. Maybe in the next place we’ll consider investigating more. 🙂

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