Yay for spring!

So, I’ve been trying a bit to eat more “seasonally”–mostly just to save money, because damn is produce expensive out of season!  Sometimes it’s hard to avoid (because I’d really rather not eat all dried or frozen veggies, and potatoes, for months!), but I’ve been doing better.

But now that it’s finally spring, I’m psyched about cheap fresh veggies again!  And in honor of the sale on asparagus this week, I whipped up a wicked easy pasta dish that’s incredibly yummy–it’s just asparagus, prosciutto, soft goat cheese, a little garlic, onion, thyme, and whole wheat pasta.  Next time, I probably won’t use the whole log of goat cheese, but it was still wonderful!

Unfortunately, no pretty pictures, because what I didn’t immediately inhale, I packed away into containers for lunches this week.


(Also, Max is currently licking my fingers, because they have a little bit of goat cheese on them–even the kitties get to share the yummy!  :-P)


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