Ikea *Smash!*

Okay–I could go on and on about how much I love Ikea.  Sure, some of their stuff is hideous (I think I’ve ranted about my hatred for the Poang chair before), but there’s also a lot of stuff that looks like “real” furniture, while still being affordable–I happen to be a huge fan of my Karlstad loveseat.

But I’m severely annoyed with Ikea right now.  I’ve recently been reminded of how horrible the artificial lighting in my apartment is (during the day, it gets amazing sunlight, but after dark, it’s pretty pitiful)–my bedroom has no ceiling fixture at all, and my ceiling light in the living room, while gorgeous and providing plenty of light for general lazing around on the internet or watching TV, is less awesome when I start trying to do some hand-sewing (yes, I have amazingly nerdy hobbies :-P)  But I noticed that Ikea has some nice lighting options, like this sexy beast:

So why am I annoyed with Ikea?  Because this (and most of the other lighting shown on the website) isn’t available at either of the stores in my area, according to the website!

*kicks things*



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