Warts and All

The end of the month will be the one-year mark for me in this current apartment.  And I’m not moving any time soon.

Sure, the finish (which I’m pretty sure is paint *facepalm*) is coming off my bathtub, I slammed my finger in the wonky door to the basement laundry room last week because it’s such a pain to get closed, and have I mentioned that my windows might be original to the 1910s building?

But you know what?  I keep seeing old rowhouses, or condos in old buildings, for sale that have been renovated, and all the original character has been removed, and that makes me unbelievably sad.

So?  I love my wonky-ass apartment, warts and all.

(It also doesn’t hurt that my rent is insanely low for the neighborhood!  *fingers crossed it doesn’t go up too much!*)


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