Moving On…

…to another, largely un-touched room of my apartment.  My bedroom.

With the exception of the awesome antique dresser and matching bedside table that I bought on Craig’s List last year, the bedroom in my current apartment isn’t much different from how it looked in my old apartment.

This needs to change.

I’ve been hating my current bedframe for pretty much the entire time (going on 5 years) that I’ve head it–it’s a cheapo wood one from Ikea that pretty much everyone gets for their first post-college-dorm bed.  I attempted to stain it a few years back, but ended up pretty much just turning it orange instead.  Ooops.  So it really needs to go.

Also, the desk that I have in my bedroom is totally the wrong shape.  It’s another original Ikea purchase that started out in the sketchy studio apartment that was my first DC apartment (man, I’ll have to tell the stories about that place at some point–it was definitely a first apartment!) and has just kind of gotten dragged around since then.  It’s a square table, which means that it sticks way out into the path that people need to travel through my bedroom to get from my kitchen/living room to the bathroom (yay railroad apartments!)  So I need something that’s actually desk-shaped.  And preferably longer than the current table, because my hobbies take up a lot of space (sewing + jewelry-making!)  But the desk also needs to be small enough (or come apart) to get up the crazy stairs to my apartment.

Then I got an idea:


Yes, that’s a wood countertop from Ikea.  And trestle-style desk legs (also from Ikea).  I can stain the wood just like I did with the wood top of my kitchen sideboard.  And the legs will match this:

Which is the bedframe that I want to get to replace the old orange one.

Hopefully, the lines of that desk and bed will be complementary for the antique style of the dresser and bedside table, while still letting those gorgeous pieces be the stars in my bedroom.

And then at some point I need to figure out what I’m going to do about a light in that room (remember, there’s no ceiling light), because my current bedside lamp is making strange noises…


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